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2DANCE dates December

These are your 2DANCE dates for December. With a special LOVE❤ visit + meet and greet with the dancers.

Mail to 2dance@clubguyandroni.nl to sign up.

Workshop Neil (Contemporary)
Date: Dec 3rd
Start: 19.00
End: 20.30
Cost: €7,50 (pin only)
Location: Bloemstraat 38

Backstage experience LOVE❤
Visiting Club Guy & Roni’s LOVE❤ + Meet and greet with the dancers
Date: Dec 5th
Start: 20.15
End: 22.30
Cost: €12,50 (pin only)
Location: Stadsschouwburg, Turfsingel 86

Backstage experience ICK Amsterdam
Dancers and theatre people are welcome!
Date: Dec 11th
Start: 18.00
End: 21.30
Cost: €15,00 (pin only)
Location: Bloemstraat 38 (workshop) and Stadsschouwburg (performance)

Program of the backstage experience:
18.00-19.30 Workshop by ICK Amsterdam
20.15-21.30 Performance by ICK Amsterdam and Toneelgroep Oostpool: All over – Acts of Love

Workshop Selmar (Burlesque)
Date: Dec 12th
Start: 19.00
End: 20.30
Cost: €7.50 (pin only)
Location: Bloemstraat 38

Workshop Thomas (Contemporary)
Date: Dec 19th
Start: 19.00
End: 20.30
Cost: €7.50 (pin only)
Location: Bloemstraat 38



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