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Below you will find practical and less practical but nice to know information about our home: Bloemstraat 38.

Bloemstraat 38

Bloemstraat 38 is the home of Noord Nederlands Toneel and Club Guy & Roni, together NITE and also our youth platform 2, the Poetic Disasters Club and Bab-addaar. Here we make timely theatre. Out monumental builing was first the home of the Gemeentelijk Energie Bedrijf (GEB), but since 1996 it is in service of the theatre. The building is also known as ‘De Machinefabriek’. Although we are not a regular programming theatre – we play our shows in theatres across the Netherlands and abroad – we sometimes programme a performance. Mostly from our home.

The NITE Hotel
Our home and theatre also moved online. The NITE Hotel opens its virtual doors to host online interactive performances and opportunities to meet with other fellow online spectators. We are currently staging a unique digital performance; Swan Lake The Game. Questions about Swan Lake The Game?

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Practical information

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You can find Noord Nederlands Toneel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And Club Guy & Roni too on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visit us!
Bloemstraat 38
9712 LE Groningen

Directions to Bloemstraat 38
It’s about a fifteen minute walk from Groningen Central Station to Theater de Machinefabriek. Via the Folkingestraat and the Vismarkt, you will arrive at the Grote Markt. From there, turn left towards warehouse V&D and walk into the Oude Ebbingestraat. Cross the bridge and immediately turn right. There, you will see a gas station and beyond that the Bloemstraat. At the end of this street, you will find Theater de Machinefabriek on your left.

Public Transport
Theater de Machinefabriek (Bloemstraat 38) has a bus stop very close-by: bus stop UMCG Noord. You can reach us within ten minutes from Central Station Groningen with bus 3, 4, or 5 (direction Groningen) or bus 163 (direction Holwerd). Bus stop: UMCG Noord.

Postal Address
Postbus 1520
9701 BM Groningen

Call or mail
Phone: (050) 588 54 40
Email: info@nite.nl

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Room 1

Rehearsals Brave New World 2.0, (NITE, 2019)

Performance ‘Three reflections’ in zaal 1

Performance Ned Collette in foyer (FridayNITE, 2018)

Rehearsals in room 2 (Tetris Mon Amour, 2017)

The foyer right before the public rehearsal of Dear Winnie (NNT + KVS Brussel, 2019)


FridayNITE -Eigen Risico

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