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Exit Macbeth on tour

26 09 2022 ,1MIN
Exit Macbeth is back and on tour! 🗡️ Join us at the beautiful Stadsschouwburg of Groningen this week⁠
EXIT Macbeth

Fortune is..

24 09 2022 ,1MIN
All-day breakfast, bonding with strangers, being inside when it’s raining.. FORTUNE is whatever you want it to be. And so we want to know: what is it to you?

Rehearsals Club Guy & Roni Invites

24 09 2022 ,1MIN
Rehearsals for this year's CLUB INVITES have started and they are FIRE! 🔥 ⁠
Club Guy & Roni Invites

Public rehearsal FORTUNE

13 09 2022 ,1MIN
After a buzzing public rehearsal last night, the dreamlike fantasy is taking shape.. 🪷

FORTUNE: the interview

08 09 2022 ,5MIN
Writer Yvon van Apeldoorn interviewed Guy Weizman en Roni Haver and spoke to them about the creation process of the new Club Guy & Roni performance FORTUNE, their trip to India and the fortune of diversity.

Exit Macbeth: The TRY OUTS

08 09 2022 ,1MIN
Want to be the first to see our new Noord Nederlands Toneel performance EXIT MACBETH? You're in luck! On Thursday September 8th and Friday September 9th it's time for the try-outs!
EXIT Macbeth

Mohamedou Ould Slahi wins PAX peace prize

29 08 2022 ,1MIN
Dutch peace orginization PAX annually celebrates special peace initiatives with the awarding of the PAX Duiven (PAX peace doves). This year, one of the wooden peaces doves will go to our writer-in-residence Mohamedou Ould Slahi.

Opening nite THE UNDERGROUND Amsterdam

26 08 2022 ,1MIN
The OPENING NITE for THE UNDERGROUND is a wrap! Thanks to the Amsterdam Bostheater for having us!
The Underground


23 08 2022 ,1MIN
Haven't seen The Underground yet, or would you like to see it again? Good news: The Underground is going to the Amsterdam Bostheater in August!

NITE RAW: Rebekka Nilsson

23 08 2022 ,1MIN
After a well-deserved summer break, team RAW is diving headfirst into the second series of rehearsals for NITE RAW: Over Dieren.

Public rehearsal FORTUNE

23 08 2022 ,1MIN
Is happiness entirely down to our own achievement, or is it simply luck?

Mohamedou Ould Slahi bij Freedom

30 05 2022 ,1MIN
The last performance of Freedom in Groningen will be extra special. Afterwards, a discussion with Mohamedou Ould Slahi will take place on stage. Mohamedou wrote the script of Freedom.

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