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Warming up before the show…

Standard Introduction

In a standard introduction, a host will visit your class for one hour to cast light on the production through the use of imagery and text. This is both possible at school or in the local theatre. Duration: a maximum of 50 minutes. Costs: €70, excluding travel costs for the host.

Introduction and Tour

You can visit Theater de Machinefabriek with a group of students, scholars, theaterclub, you name it.  You’ll take part in a programme that includes a general introduction to Club Guy & Roni and NNT as a company as well as the way in which the Club productions are created. After this, it’s possible to take a look behind the scenes as we tour the building: the costume workshop, storage, the decor workshop, rehearsal spaces and the theatre itself; we’ll visit all of it. This can also be combined with a rehearsal attendance. Duration: a maximum of 90 minutes. Costs: €105.

Dance or Theatre Workshop

With a maximum of 20 participants, we’ll get to work with themes and scenes from the current production. This workshop can take place at school or in the theatre under the supervision of an acting teacher or dance teacher. Duration: minimum of 150 minutes. Costs: €175 (excluding travel costs for the teacher). Contact: René de Haan (head of education, coordinator NNTWEE) – Mail: rene@nite.nl. Phone: 050-5885447.

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