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Open call for artists


Up to 17,500 euros budget per artist.
Deadline 9 November.


When the theatres were shuttered, we opened the NITE Hotel. The hotel is an online environment with a theatre, bar, and gallery, specifically designed to bring performances and visual arts to an audience, even during lockdown. Since its inception, the NITE Hotel has grown into a platform that we can use in countless ways to explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary and virtual art.

Over the past few months, we’ve screened recorded performances, held live broadcasts, staged live shows, and created a show especially for the hotel entitled Dronken Mensen. Our most recent show/game/online dance production, Swan Lake The Game, is also available in our online environment.

But there are so many possibilities in the grey area between online, theatre, visual arts, film, dance, and more. That’s why we want to inspire other makers to think differently about interdisciplinarity.

If ever there were a time for new stories from new makers in new languages, it’s now. Covid-19 has seriously undermined the opportunities available for artists. And when we’ll be able to truly return to live theatre is still an unanswered question. We don’t want to sit idly by until that day comes, and we want to give artists who aren’t structurally subsidised the opportunity to develop on our platform.

We want YOU!

We are offering a number of makers the opportunity to explore this new medium. What is live? What does interdisciplinarity mean online? Which next-level media can we use that are more than just a recording or live stream? What are the boundaries and possibilities of the internet? What story do you want to tell on this innovative platform?

For us, innovation, inclusiveness, and interdisciplinarity are the norm and the future. So are you a new or experienced maker, group, or collective (not yet structurally subsidised) based in the Netherlands with an interesting idea for the NITE Hotel? Then we’re looking for you! Game developer or dancer, academically trained or self-taught, if you have a good idea we want to hear about it! Your work will premier 22 January 2021,
so it’s important that you’re available from November until the premiere.


NITE is opening their digital platform, the NITE Hotel, to new makers and their ideas. In addition to the platform, you will receive a maximum budget of €17,500 technical support, and artistic guidance. We would also like to hear what you expect of us.

How can you enter?

Enter by sending your plan to info@nite.nl on or before 9 November. The plan should not be more than 2 A4 pages long and in it we want to learn more about who you are and what kind of work you have done before, what your plan is for the NITE Hotel, and why it is the only place for that plan to come to life. We would also like to know what motivates you to develop something specifically for this purpose and what you expect from NITE in the process. Please add a budget of max 17,500 euros to the plan.

Once we have received all the applications, we will hold preliminary interviews with a number of makers, then present our selection to the professional jury, who will make the final decision.


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