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The Poetic Disasters Club is the junior company of Club Guy & Roni and Noord Nederlands Toneel. It is a breeding ground for international talent; dancers, actors and musicians. There’s room for all disciplines!

In this experimental garden, and during the course of one year, they can completely develop themselves. Experiment is key, with a constant focus on research and development. The Poetic Disasters Club performs in theaters and on location throughout the country and far beyond. Auditions for PDC Season 12 are now open!

Season 11 – PDC XI (2022-2023)

Edoardo Silva
Pieke Maessen
Birgit Boer
Matteo Adaldo
Meriç Tuncer
Roni Yaacobi

Season 10 – PDC X (2021 – 2022)

Tessa Spagnoli
Wilchaan Cantu
Adrian Thömess
Julie Boellaard
Aaron Faneyte
Gina van Os
Tatiana Śpiewak
Yun-Ting Tsai

Season 9 – PDC IX (2020 – 2021)

Felix Veenstra
William English
Sam Corver
Rosie Reith
Simone Peters
Jésula Toussaint Visser
Żaneta Kęsik

Season 8 PDC VIII (2019 – 2020)

Axel Bourdon
Momo Tanner
Beau Delwel
Thomas Higginson
Neil Höhener


Season 7 – PDC VII (2018-2019)

Judith Schuur

Georgia Lyell

Arno Verbruggen

Annemieke Mooij

Lodewijk Walther Boer

Terencio Douw

Iro Karra

Tim Schouten

Momo Samwel



Sixth season (2017-2018)

Olympia Kotopoulos
Louis Thuriot
Borna Babić
Ayisha Siddiqi
Eliana Stragapede
Matija Franješ
Phoenix Chase-Meares
Tim Olivier Somer
Annelotte van Aarst



  • Conference of the birds with Club Guy & Roni
  • Fassbinder: Towards in Eihnem Jahr mit 13 Monden. by Hendrik Aerts & Sofiko Nachkebiya
  • The Party


Season 4 and 5 PDC IV & V (2015-2016 en 2016-2017)


Tatiana Matveeva
Sonia Zwolska
Milan Schudel
Manuel Paolini
Agnese Fiocchi
Patrick de Haan
Harold Luya (only season 2015-2016)



Judith Döhn
Élénie Wagner
Andy Smart



  • KASPAR by Hendrik Aerts and Angela Herenda
  • Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, van Guy Weizman and Roni Haver
  • Niemandsland by Roni Haver & Karin Noeken
  • Self-Accusation by Hendrik Aerts (Amsterdamse Bos and Theaterfestival De Parade)


Season 3 – PDC III (2014-2015)

Leire Otamendi Albisu
Malou Kaaijk
Alessandra Orzati
Nik Rajsek
Patrick Schmatzer



  • Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver
  • Niemandsland by Roni Haver & Karin Noeken
  • De Vonk with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver


Season 2 – PDC II (2013-2014)

Davey Bakker
Ada Daniele
Arad Inbar
Maxime Landstra
Courtney Robertson
Victor Rottier



  • Offending the audience by Hendrik Aerts en Adam Peterson
  • Niemandsland by Roni Haver & Karin Noeken
  • Dance film The Mirror by Gijs Kerbosch and Guy Weizman
  • Gift for Infinity by Guy Weizman
  • Alpha Boys by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver


Season 1 – PDC I (2012-2013)

Jordan Achiano
Karen Brinkman
Jamie de Groot
Amy Josh
Salim Ben Mammar
Federica Rizzo
Courtney Robertson



  • Deleted Scenes by Roni Haver
  • Motiv(n)ation by Edan Gorlicki


This weekend: WEEKEND BREAK!

21 03 2023 ,1MIN
Your favorite weekend in Groningen is back, and it’s THIS weekend
Weekend Break Festival

Weekend Break: The Podcast

09 04 2022 ,1MIN
Can't get enough of WEEKEND BREAK? Still trying to process what you've actually witnessed? Good news: you can now listen to WEEKEND BREAK: THE PODCAST!
Poetic Disasters Club

NPO - Danshuis documentary

01 11 2021 ,1MIN
During the various lockdowns, dance houses are the only place where dancers and makers can still work together. What do these dance houses look like behind closed doors and how do they function?

Auditions for the Poetic Disasters Club

04 10 2021 ,1MIN
The Poetic Disasters Club is looking for dancers for the season 2023-2024! 

SALAM nominated

10 08 2018 ,1MIN
WOOOOOH! Salam has been selected as one of the eleven best and most interesting performances of the past season! "a dazzling, grand performance that gives the word" theater "all the shine it can have" according to the Dutch theater jury. Read the full jury report here.


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