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FAQ Swan Lake

Questions about Swan Lake online? Please read below

FAQ – Swan Lake 

  • Where do I buy the tickets for Swan Lake?

First thing first, decide whether you want to see the performance from the comfort of your couch or live in the theatre. 

For the online performance Swan Lake: Buy tickets here and vist The Game in the NITE HOTEL.

For the offline performance: check out the tourlist at the bottom of this page.


  • How do I go the performance?

After you have purchased a ticket for Swan Lake: The Game you will receive an email with a code. Make sure to save it! The code will be your key to get access to the performance in the NITE hotel. To go to the NITE Hotel to watch the performance it is easiest to use the link from the ‘NITE Ticket service’ email with your code and ticket. You will immediately end up in the right digital place. Can’t find it? Check your SPAM. Still can’t find it? Mail to ticketshop@nite.nl


  • My code does not work! What do I do?

The code only works for the time slot that you chose when you bought your ticket. If you enter via nitehotel.org don’t forget to enter the correct time slot. Are you a few minutes late? Don’t worry! Enter your original starting time.

Swan Lake The Game is made for a desktop or laptop computer. It does NOT work on mobiles and tablets. Preferably use the Chrome browser and a good, stable internet connection. Please do connect some kick-ass speakers too. It’s worth it. Kordz did an amazing job on the sound design!


  • What technology do I need to see the online performance? 

We advise to use a desktop or laptop computer -unfortunately your mobile of tablet will not do- with BIG speakers or a proper headphone, and have a good internet connection (even your neighbour’s Wi-Fi will do). 

We use a lot of 3D so your computer will work a lot and probably make some more noise than usual. This is fine, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with a little workout.


  • Can I buy multiple tickets? 

Yes, you can. For the online performance ‘Swan Lake The Game’ you can buy as many tickets as you would like. For the offline performance it differs per each theatre. Visit the website of your theatre for more information. 


  • If I don’t have a Dutch bank account, how can I complete the payment? 

No worries! Our website also offers you different payment methods. For the offline performance it differs per each theatre. Visit the website of your theatre for more information. 


  • Can I buy tickets without entering my personal data?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Big brother is watching you! Just kidding, we need to process your personal data in order to provide you with the best possible service. Data treatment complies with our privacy statement.


  • Can I see both the offline performance in the theatre and the online one?

Of course you can! If you purchase a ticket for the theatre performance, you will get a discount on the online version Swan Lake: The Game.


  • I bought a ticket, but I want to change the time slot. How can I do it? 

App/text/call us on our NITE LINE: 0629830087


  • I bought tickets but I didn’t receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

First of all, check your spam – you never know what hides in there. Otherwise, we advise you to contact us via Whatsapp or call the NITE line.


  • My computer disconnected. How do I enter the performance again? 

No panic! You only need to enter the code again and you will be right back in our virtual theatre. 


  • Do I need my webcam to join the online performance? 

No webcam needed, you can be in your pyjama for the show. But if you want to connect with other users during the performance, you can join with Zoom. You will find the option at the bottom right of your screen. 


  • How do I navigate the digital theatre? 

Director Guy Weizman prepared a video to dispel all your doubts. Visit NITEhotel.org to watch the video. 


HAS YOUR QUESTION NOT BEEN ANSWERED? App/text/call us on our NITE LINE: 0629830087


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