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Every Friday at 20:00 a performance in the NITE HOTEL.

“Never waste a good crisis,” said Winston Churchill. In these challenging times, when the theaters have closed and we are all isolated at home, we have been looking for new opportunities and solutions for putting on performances and sharing them with audiences. That’s why we have spent the last few weeks building the virtual NITE Hotel, complete with a big theater and many different rooms.


NITE Hotel

The NITE ensemble, (with actors from the Noord Nederlands Toneel, dancers from Club Guy & Roni and musicians from Asko|Schönberg) is innovating with online performances at a distance which simultaneously manages to get up close and personal. On April 28, the virtual NITE Hotel will open its doors and display its empty halls and rooms full of theater, dance, music, and visual art.
The hotel also houses a digital theater in which, every evening, there will be a performance, including Before/After directed by Guy Weizman, which will now premiere online due to the corona crisis. Happiness and LOVE️ are also on the program of this virtual theatre.

In the hotel bar you can share a drink with others and chat about your impressions. You can do this one-on-one or in a group. Wander through the halls, open the doors, and meet a number of different people in real time. If you happen to get lost, there are always friendly robots at the reception desk who will point you in the right direction.

New performances made in Corona-times
Inspired by the new togetherness that stay-at-home orders bring with them, the NITE ensemble is experimenting with how separated individuals can still form a community and figuring out what theater can be and mean in the time of corona. We can see this virtual hotel as a “new theater” or maybe simply a simulation of a typical theater experience. Either way, consider yourself welcome in this place where we can be together and encounter new performance art! Admission is free.

How does a NITE NITE look like?

8.00 pm Talk by Guy Weizman & guest
8.15 pm Introduction to the performance
8.30 pm Start performance in theater hall

Start time for our international visitors:
Shanghai 1:30 AM (CST) – day later
London     6:30 PM (BST)
New York 1:30 PM (EDT)


Fri 15 May 20:00


FridayNITE w/ Vaneen Label: Gido Lahuis, Anton Lambert & more

10 02 2020

FridayNITE w/ Idiott Smith + Atoomclub + Introduction to Dear Winnie,

04 02 2020

2NITE: Kunstbende, Babbadaar and De Noorderlingen

21 01 2020

FridayNITE w/ Eline Arbo: Weg met Eddy Bellegueule

15 01 2020
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