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Sign up now for the context program and live stream of Phobia by Club Guy & Roni, Slagwerk Den Haag and EN-KNAP Group.

This Fridaynite we will discuss the topic of fear and the way people perceive and experience it (mostly through the eyes of others, like by reading a scary story or watching a thriller movie). Fear is attractive to people, but when fear becomes your own personal reality, like we are globally experiencing now with the virus, it becomes a lot more real and thereby loses its charm. It’s no longer fun and entertaining. Guy and Roni will have a live-talk about how the ‘Phobia’ show they made five years ago approaches these themes and discuss the perception of fear back when they made the show versus current times. It was a show that was not at all ‘crowd pleasing’ and it got a lot of response from their public that was quite shaken by the performance. It did not give the audience light, fun entertainment but was in its way an aversion towards the public’s prevailing expectations.

Phobia was a collaboration with EN-KNAP Group: an ensemble of remarkable dancers that has been based at the Španski Borci Cultural Centre in Ljubljana.

20:00 ZOOM meeting start
20:10 Talk Martijn de Rijk (writer)
20:20 Talk Roni & Guy
20:30 Stream of Phobia



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