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In need of a party but all clubs are closed?

Don’t worry because we bring our rave shaped festival hit Mechanical Ecstasy to a screen near you. With a live ZOOM meeting in which professional video images of Mechanical Ecstasy at Lowlands are mixed with an MC (creator Guy Weizman himself!), a DJ from infamous nightclub OOST and YOU: a beautiful dancer  reaching for ecstasy on a Friday night. The already experimental performance thus takes an even more experimental turn and aims to create the next big internet hit in which everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame. You know what to do: put on your favourite outfit (think Burning Man or weirder), create a dancefloor in your home, stock up on some booze and JOIN THE PARTY!

Secure your spot on the online dance floor via this link.
The meeting link will also be posted online during the event.

Please note: the ZOOM meeting will be streamed live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. If you want to party anonymous please wear a mask.


20:00 Live music by Slagwerk Den Haag
20:15 Introduction by Guy Weizman
20:30 Mechanical Ecstasy online
21:30 DJ set by JanJan

About FridayNITE live

FridayNITE live is a digital stage for online artistic expression. Every Friday at 20:00. By Noord Nederlands Toneel and Club Guy & Roni.


vr 10 apr 20:00


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