Fear.no.more. - NiteNITE

How do memories of the past affect our consciousness of today?

Fear is a part of our everyday lives, just as much as joy or happiness is. It’s one of the driving inner forces that leads us to many decisions and actions that we take. What is fear besides basic survival instinct?

I see fear as an unintentional storytelling that we are all born knowing how to do. Like all stories, fears have characters. In our fears the characters are Us. Fear is about imagination. The fiction. The fable. This coexistence with fear is an angle of perception that I see as a dialogue. The dialogue with yourself. – Tatiana Matveeva

In Fear.No.More., a new piece by Club Guy & Roni dancer Tatiana Matveeva, we meet the performers in a space where distorted memories of the past meet the consciousness of today. Fear is the main transformative external and internal force, driving the characters to confront their deepest vulnerabilities. In Fear.No.More. the collective as well as the individual fears of a group are brought to the spotlight.

Movement is the driving force of communication and the research centers around the physical core responses to fear.The performers will dive into the memories of the past to understand how it affects us here, now, in the moment.

Fear.No.More. will premiere during this year’s WEEKEND BREAK. 

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Director and choreographer: Tatiana Matveeva | performers: Poetic Disasters Club | music: Rik van den Heuvel | set and mask: Anaida Melivia | light: Wil Frikken | costume design: Tania Ballve | costume makers: Anastasiya Paramonova, Helga Richter, Marloes Dadswell, Nienke Havinga

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