Yara's Wedding on it's way to Groningen! - NiteNITE

Yara’s Wedding on it’s way to Groningen!

“Guy Weizman and his fantastic ensemble have created a total work of art.” – Hannover Allgemeine

After an amazing opening night in Hannover and receiving the first German reviews, we’re getting ready for the Dutch try-outs and premiere on march 2, 3 and 4. To avoid your yoga teacher’s great-niece’s neighbor from having better seats than you, you might want to RSVP yours RIGHT NOW! 🚨


“The multilingualism of the production is not a problem, but an opportunity. It shows what the piece also suggests as a delicate utopia: It may not be easy to understand the other, but it is possible. Learning a foreign language can be exhausting. But you can try. “- Hannover Allgemeine


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