Eline Arbo wins directing award 2020 - NiteNITE

Eline Arbo wins directing award 2020

Our talented Eline Arbo wins the directing award 2020, for her directing of Weg met Eddy Bellegueule. Congratulations! 

“With Eline Arbo the jury had chosen a director who opens all records of the theatre, thus to portray a gloomy life and to lighten that life where necessary. Like a striking choreography, text, music and scenery are constantly working on each other, resulting in a multicolored and unpredictable theater evening. As much as the characters differ from each other, they are consistently approached with compassion and love. Because of the empathetic game, the audience is immediately drawn into the story. ou will love the characters mercilessly. The universal story is depicted by this maker in a crystal clear, but also very poetic way, so that the suffocating theme leaves no spectator untouched. “- Dutch Theatre Festival



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