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NITE Delivery: More is more

NITE Delivery is in full swing but we don’t just stop now developing, improving and creating new experiences for you. We have three brand new surprises that will boost your NITE Delivery – no matter whether it’s already at your home or you’re just planning to order one.

Bigger, Better, Bag

The Bag is now available as a maximized version: You will not only receive weekly letters and the finest art in our NITE Hotel but also exclusive photo prints, travel brochures and a mindfulness crash course. You already ordered and enjoy your NITE Delivery Bag? Even better: We will upgrade your bag automatically and send you everything you’ll need to maximize your experience.

NITE Delivery is possible even longer

Two flows have already started and only one more was about to come… Now, that has been changed: We added another round of NITE Delivery, so even more people can join the experience. The next (and last!) starting date is May 21. You can order until May 16 to get your box or bag as soon as possible.

Share your joy

It is now even easier to share and spread your NITE Delivery joy because we added a gift option. You can order a NITE Delivery and add the option in your cart. Fill in the name, address and email of the lucky presentee and we will then send the box or bag directly to their mailbox. Share art, share experience, share NITE Delivery!

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