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Public rehearsal FORTUNE

Is happiness entirely down to our own achievement, or is it simply luck?

After Happiness, Phobia, Freiheit, LOVE, and Freedom, 𝗙𝗒π—₯π—§π—¨π—‘π—˜ is our next performance in the series The Human Odyssey, in which we work with international artistic partners to explore how our emotions govern our lives.⁠ ⁠

This season we’re joining forces with Navdhara India Dance Company and Slagwerk Den Haag in search of what makes us happy. ⚑️⁠ ⁠

Join the public rehearsal for 𝗙𝗒π—₯π—§π—¨π—‘π—˜ on monday September 12th, and be the first to learn how to get lucky! 🀞⁠

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